Online flute lessons in your home

It's easy to feel 'stuck' when you're learning flute. Take the guess-work out of the 'what' and 'how' to practice, sound better and make progress faster with an experienced flute teacher who meets you wherever you are. 

Learning flute can go from fulfilling to frustrating without a guide...

  • Frantic breathing that leaves you feeling completely out of breath and about to keel over?
  • Screeching and cracking between high and low notes that makes the dogs next door howl?
  • Weak and airy tone that never seems to improve?
  • Discomfort or pain in your mouth, hands, back or arms while you play?

Learning flute on your own, you can spend more time searching Facebook groups, YouTube and blogs for piece-meal flute lessons than actually learning and playing.

As you try and troubleshoot playing issues, frustration and discouragement can overtake you, and it can be so easy to want to JUST GIVE UP.

Online flute lessons mean you can finally stop endlessly Googling for answers. You can have...

Beautiful, effortless sound

Learn the subtle changes you can make to your embouchure shape, air speed, direction, and positioning to produce clear and beautiful sound from the lowest to highest notes. 

Boost your confidence

Overcome feelings of self-doubt and performance anxiety. Gain the confidence to join a playing group in your community or church or work towards music examination levels.

A clear plan and know what to practice

Finally! The frustration and confusion of what and how to effectively practice, is over. We help you to get back on track with regular playing, so you can fall in love with flute all over again. Now you can practice with purpose. 

online flute lessons make learning flute convenient

Develop great technique and habits

Learn how posture, breathing, embouchure flexibility, scales and tone are foundational for beautiful flute playing. Avoid unhelpful playing habits BEFORE they become a problem. 

Book your first 30 minute online flute lesson for only $10

Who are online flute lessons for?


Parents, life is busy enough. Skip the traffic and have kids conveniently learning at home (while you get dinner started.)

Self-taught players

Take the guess-work out of learning, set clear goals and establish good technique and habits.

Returning players

It's never too late to relearn. Rediscover the skills you once had in high-school.

online flute lessons with The Flute Coach


I'm Christie Gallen

As a returning adult flute player myself, a combination of having a young family, working part time and studying meant I could no longer afford the extra time to attend traditional face to face lessons.

I needed more flexibility and convenience.

Instead of putting down the flute altogether, I realised that online flute lessons were my solution, and so in 2016 I established The Flute Coach.

I knew there were other learners who were feeling lost as they began learning, and didn't have a reliable resource to turn to. Others were on the verge of giving up because their remote location, complicated work schedule, family commitments or a lack of local teachers meant lessons were 'just too hard'....

Since then we've mentored dozens of young and old players to their flute dream scene - whether that's playing their favourite songs for enjoyment at home, joining a community ensemble or playing for their church.

The Flute Coach Founder

What our students say


Student Parent





Meet your flute tutor Monique

Monique joined The Flute Coach in February 2019 as a resident online tutor. 

She's an experienced performer and flute teacher, holding a Bachelor in Flute Performance and Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning. She has a heart to connect people to music within community, and is active in many community-based musical groups. 

For your trial lesson she'll ask what's challenging you and what your aspirations or goals may be. She'll come prepared with exercises, tips and insights that will help you overcome a frustration you've been struggling with, right from the first lesson. 

Your time together is casual, friendly, and guided by you.

 >> Click to hear more of Monique's story

Monique is your mentor for your online flute lessons

Book a 30 minute trial lesson for only $10

How online flute lessons work


Schedule a 30 minute trial lesson with Monique.


Select a lesson package to continue lessons. No subscriptions to opt out of. 


Learn flute the faster and easier way with Monique as your mentor. 

What our students say




Student Parent



Online flute lesson pricing




$31/ 30 minute lesson


  • Includes 3 x 30 minute lessons
  • No recurring subscription
  • Flexible online scheduling
  • Lesson notes and learning resources
  • Use lessons within 6 weeks



$28/ 30 minute lesson


  • Includes 6 x 30 minute lessons
  • No recurring subscription
  • Flexible online scheduling
  • Lesson notes and learning resources
  • Use lessons within 3 months




$52/ 60 minute lesson


  • Includes 6 x 60 minute lessons
  • No recurring subscription
  • Flexible online scheduling
  • Lesson notes and learning resources
  • Use lessons within 3 months

Frequently asked questions

About Our lessons

What will my first lesson be like?

Your first lesson is casual and friendly, so don't be nervous!

It's a chance to get comfy with your tutor's teaching style, and an opportunity for you to tell us about what you've been working on, what's been challenging you and most importantly, where you'd like to take your flute playing. Monique will take the time to listen to your story, and begin to create a crystal clear road map forward. 

You can have a piece handy to demonstrate your playing, and you'll get immediate tips, insights and exercises that will help you overcome any playing challenge you're in right now. (You can also test your equipment and ensure your user experience is excellent before committing to further lessons)

What if I can't finish my lesson package? Will I get a refund for unused lessons?

To discuss cancelling your package please get in touch at We'd really love to help you finish your lessons and we may be able to facilitate that on an individual basis. Otherwise, if you wish to cancel your lesson package, we just ask for two lessons notice, and you will receive a refund for any further unused lessons. Immediate cancellation without notice will forfeit a two lesson fee.

What if the connection fails during my lesson? Can I reschedule it?

We want you to get the most out of your lessons, and understand that sometimes technical issues happen unexpectedly. If you are on time for a lesson but the video conferencing fails, Monique will try and contact you via email to troubleshoot the issue and connect.  However if you are unable to troubleshoot the issue a reschedule is typically granted.  If your tutor experiences technical issues and is unable to contact you, a reschedule will be automatically granted. (Please note that a reliable internet connection is outlined in our lesson policy as a requirement)

What if I don't have any flute books or sheet music?

Don't worry! You don't need to have any flute books or sheet music to begin your lessons (although your tutor may recommend some to you if you ask). There are many free flute sheet music resources that we can direct you to, and your tutor can help you build a portfolio of music that suits your musical interests and playing ability. When you begin a lesson package, your tutor will share a Google folder with you where they can deposit learning resources for you (be it sheet music PDFs, video or audio files). There are no set lesson books that you are required to purchase, and where possible we will direct you to free learning resources.

How do I schedule lessons?

I get that life is busy with kids, work, travel, fitness and family... in fact, I've PLANNED on it! So I've created the ideal lesson scheduling tool for MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY. Ongoing scheduling is super simple using our online calendar, Calendly. You'll receive an instant lesson confirmation, and links to cancel or reschedule your lesson if something comes up. Plus I’ll make sure you have plenty of notice ahead of time and send you reminders, so you never miss a lesson. Here's a video to show how easy it is to schedule a lesson

Book a 30 minute online flute lesson for only $10

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