Online flute lessons take the guesswork out of learning flute at home.

I learned more in 30 minutes than I got trawling for hours through books and trying to put my research into practice - and still not getting the basics right!

Dear aspiring flute player,

Does this sound familiar? You rush from work, through traffic, to maybe catch a late evening flute lesson, if you’re lucky. Sometimes, the children need attention, or perhaps it's another late night at the office. With every missed lesson or practice session, that burning passion for music gets overshadowed by guilt and frustration. Life's responsibilities seem to be in constant battle with your musical aspirations.

Or perhaps lately you felt the weight of years pressing on your fingers, once so nimble, now hesitating over the familiar keys of your cherished flute. Fond memories of days in the school auditorium might come to mind - your fingers gliding effortlessly, your breath feeling strong, and your tone clear and singing out to the audience, drawing applause.

But now, every little falter and slip up serve as a reminder of the barriers age can build. Your hands, feeling almost foreign to the instrument, feel slow and produce notes that don’t sing like they used to. The physical challenges of growing older and the loss of muscle memory from time spent away from the flute have become oh so apparent. 

Yet, somewhere deep inside, a resilient spark remains, hinting at melodies waiting to be rediscovered and the finding the joy of playing with others...

For me, trying to balance family, work, studies, and activities that refreshed my mind and soul felt overwhelming. But in the whirlwind of responsibilities, my desire to continue making music persisted.

What I needed was flexibility and convenience, without compromising on the quality of my learning.

Out of this need, The Flute Coach was born in 2016.

Our Approach

I founded The Flute Coach not just as a solution to my problems but recognizing that there were countless others, like me, on the brink of giving up their musical dreams.

Many felt directionless at the start of their learning journey. Others felt disheartened because of geographical limitations, demanding jobs, or simply the absence of nearby teachers. Over and over again I was hearing that for many, pursuing their passion for flute became 'just too hard'.

I was determined to create a platform where anyone, regardless of their circumstances, could rekindle and nourish their love for the flute.

  • Personalized
  • Super flexible
  • Nurturing
  • Goal-oriented

Picture this: Personalized flute lessons delivered straight to your living room.

No rush, no hassle. 

Music making, designed around YOU.

Book your first 30 minute lesson for just $10.

Features Crafted for the Modern-Day Learner:

When you join us for lessons with The Flute Coach you’ll receive:

Personalized lesson approach

Tailored just for you, because no two flute journeys are the same.

Comprehensive Lesson Notes

Acting as your personal musical journal, actionable steps guiding you even between lessons.

Convenient Online Booking & Rescheduling

Life happens, we understand. Effortless, intuitive, and always accommodating your ever-changing schedule.

Expert guidance

Benefit from a teacher who understands your aspirations and the nuances of returning to the flute after a hiatus.

Our Lessons will help you to...

master technique

Nip bad habits in the bud, ensuring you play effortlessly and beautifully.

silence self-doubt

From church groups to community events, you'll be ready to perform.

conquer musical roadblocks

No more endless internet searches. Direct, expert guidance await.

purposeful practice

Each session provides clarity, focus, and purpose to your practice. No more frustration and wasted hours.

stay inspired and consistent

Regular feedback, encouragement, and accountability will keep your musical journey on track.

rediscover & reignite passion

Played in high school or picking up the flute for the first time? Reignite an old spark or discover a new flame.

Listen to the stories of people just like you who have rediscovered their passion with our help:

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Book your first 30 minute lesson for just $10.

Here’s something special to kickstart your musical journey...

For a limited time, I want to offer you a gift to begin your musical journey with us. 

Our pricing per 30 minute lesson starts at $28.

But for new students curious about giving our lessons a try, you’ll receive your first 30 minute lesson for just $10.

No ongoing subscriptions. Nothing you need to opt out of. 

Why? Because at The Flute Coach, we want you to feel completely comfortable in your first lesson (and have already experienced how productive online flute lessons can be) before you make any future commitment.

Book your first 30 minute lesson for just $10.

How online flute lessons work


Book a friendly 30 minute trial lesson.


Loved it? Select a lesson package to continue. 


Learn flute the faster and easier way!

Meet Monique, your online flute teacher

Monique joined The Flute Coach in February 2019 as the resident online teacher. 

She's an experienced performer and flute teacher, holding a Bachelor in Flute Performance and Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning. She has a heart to connect people to music within community, and is active in many community-based musical groups. 

For your trial lesson she'll ask what's challenging you and what your aspirations or goals may be. She'll come prepared with exercises, tips and insights that will help you overcome a frustration you've been struggling with, right from the first lesson. 

Your time together is casual, friendly, and guided by you.

Book your first 30 minute lesson for just $10.

Your dream flute scene awaits you.

Every day that passes is another day not immersed in music.

At the Flute Coach we know you want to enjoy playing the songs you love - whether that’s at home, for church or in a group.

But to do that you need to feel confident in reading music and creating consistently beautiful sound.

The problem is that learning flute on your own with a few exercise books and YouTube tutorials, you don’t have a clear plan for your practice time.

It’s difficult to stay motivated, progress is frustratingly slow and you’re not even sure you’re improving.

We've helped over 100 aspiring flute players work towards their flute dream scene - whether that's playing their favourite songs for enjoyment at home, joining a community ensemble or playing for their church.

We’d love that for you too.

We think you'll love your first online lesson... here's how you can continue lessons with us (pricing in USD)

jumpstart package



3 x 30 minute lessons

No recurring subscription

Flexible online scheduling

Lesson notes and learning resources

Use lessons within 6 weeks

momentum builder package



6 x 30 minute lessons

No recurring subscription

Flexible online scheduling

Lesson notes and learning resources

Use lessons within 3 months

immerse & excel package



6 x 60 minute lessons

No recurring subscription

Flexible online scheduling

Lesson notes and learning resources

Use lessons within 3 months

Make real progress from your first notes with us. 

Students are saying their first lesson is relaxed, friendly yet highly productive. They’re learning more in 30 minutes than in hours of Googling and trawling through YouTube tutorials...


NERVOUS ABOUT your first lesson?

Our friendly and understanding approach will have you at ease in no time. 

Your first lesson is casual and friendly, so don't be nervous!

It's a chance to get comfy with your tutor's teaching style, and an opportunity for you to tell us about what you've been working on, what's been challenging you and most importantly, where you'd like to take your flute playing. Monique will take the time to listen to your story, and begin to create a crystal clear road map forward. 

You can have a piece handy to demonstrate your playing, and you'll get immediate tips, insights and exercises that will help you overcome any playing challenge you're in right now. (You can also test your equipment and ensure your user experience is excellent before committing to further lessons)

What if I’m not very tech savvy?

Rest easy knowing we have made online lessons as simple as clicking one link. We’re here to always answer questions and make the process as smooth as possible. 

What if I don't have any flute books or sheet music?

Don't worry! You don't need to have any flute books or sheet music to begin your lessons (although your tutor may recommend some to you if you ask). There are many free flute sheet music resources that we can direct you to, and your teacher can help you build a portfolio of music that suits your musical interests and playing ability. When you begin a lesson package, your teacher will share a Google folder with you where they can deposit learning resources for you (be it sheet music PDFs, video or audio files). There are no set lesson books that you are required to purchase, and where possible we will direct you to free learning resources.

Can I read your lesson policy?

Sure! Handy info about scheduling, rescheduling, no-shows, reminders etc are all here >

Let's begin...

With warmth and anticipation,

Christie Gallen, Founder of The Flute Coach

P.S. Embracing this offer means embracing personal growth, unadulterated joy, and a musical odyssey tailored just for you. Don’t let life's noise drown out your melody. It's time to play. Get started with your first 30 minute lesson just $10. 

Book your first 30 minute lesson for just $10.