Imagine How Quickly You Could Improve Your Flute Playing with a Personal Mentor

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Have you been trying to teach yourself to play the flute online, but finding its been less fulfilling and more frustrating than you first thought?

Hey there savvy learner.

I know you've been giving learning flute online your best effort. You've been searching all over the internet, diligently seeking out the answers to questions like....


'what's the best flute for a beginner?' or 'how do I get rid of the airy sound in my tone?' or 'why can't I play high notes properly?'

There's an amazing amount of great information out there. And it's easy to think you can piece together enough free lesson videos/ blog articles/ webinars/ book chapters to get yourself to a high level of proficiency.

Maybe you can... EVENTUALLY...

But the search to find exactly the RIGHT RESOURCES, at the times you need them, presented in a way that actually helps your UNIQUE situation takes A LOT OT TIME.

What if I told you there was a faster and easier way to learn flute?   

If you're learning solo, what happens when you hit a road block in your learning? Do you have a trusted resource for answers? 

YouTube is GREAT! But, post a question and you could be waiting forever for quality feedback. You never get the right information at the time you need it! 

And that's how easily any progress you worked SOOO hard to achieve can suddenly hit a standstill. 

As you try and troubleshoot playing issues, frustration and discouragement can overtake you, and the most common response is this... to JUST GIVE UP.

"But I don't really need lessons... I'm just learning for fun"  

I hear you! We're not all reaching for a career in the Symphony Orchestra and striving for technical perfection.

BUT.... there are some big potential flute playing pitfalls to unwittingly fall in as a self-taught flute player.

They say practise makes perfect, but really practise makes PERMANENT! 

Do you know if the way you're practising RIGHT NOW is working for you, or AGAINST you??

Are you encoding success or accidentally ingraining counterproductive habits that can actually make your flute playing HARDER and take years to break and relearn. 

New players can find themselves trapped by just one small mistake... Do you recognise any of these?

  • Incorrect 'cheat' fingerings that don't sound 'quite right'?? 
  • Frantic breathing that leaves you feeling exhausted??
  • Poor posture and soreness while playing??
  • Weak or airy tone that never seems to improve???

By partnering with a tutor for online flute lessons, you can overcome ANY road block, learn the SMARTER and FASTER way and become an accomplished online-taught flute player

Hi, I’m Christie The Flute Coach.

As a returning adult flute player myself, a combination of having a young family, working part time and studying meant I could no longer afford the extra time to attend traditional face to face lessons.

I needed more flexibility and convenience.

Instead of putting down the flute altogether, I realised that online flute lessons were my solution. 

In 2016 I established The Flute Coach to create a platform that gathered the best online learning resources for flute. I knew there were other adult learners who were on the verge of giving up playing because of their remote location, complicated work schedule, family commitments or a lack of local teachers.

Over the last couple of years The Flute Coach has evolved to offer a step-wise learning pipeline. I’ve had the pleasure of introducing new and returning flute players to this beautiful instrument through my original articles, my YouTube tutorials and online courses.

Throughout this time I've asked you what other tools you need to learn most effectively. And I’ve listened...

One of the drawbacks of self-teaching online can be a lack of support. 

The simple concepts of regular companionship and words of encouragement can be so so powerful when learning a new skill. I believe music is most effectively learned and best enjoyed with others.

Learning in isolation is doing it the hard way... The solution?
Introducing... Online Flute Lessons

Partner with a highly qualified tutor and
Begin with a 30 minute lesson at 60% OFF
(that's only $10) 
  Let's meet. Getting started is simple. 


Resident Online Flute Tutor


Resident Online Flute Tutor

Enter your details to schedule your first lesson with us.

Hi there, Let's meet for a trial lesson to chat about your story - what's challenging you as a player and what your aspirations or goals may be. Our time together is casual, friendly, and guided by you. We'll come prepared... equipped with exercises, tips and insights that will build learning momentum, right from the first lesson.

(Don't worry - there's no sales pitch and no ongoing commitment - it's a full 30 minutes all about you). - Monique and Shaina

(Hurry!! My discounted lessons are only offered a few times a year..)


Personalized, real-time feedback helps you make progress FASTER

Now you’re able to get real-time, personalized feedback from a tutor that will partner with you and help you accomplish your personal playing ambitions. 

Whether that be joining the worship team at your church, playing in a casual social group, booking local live music gigs or working towards paid performances at weddings and corporate events, your one-on-one online flute lessons are the fastest way there.

These are just SOME of the practical ways your tutor can help... 

  • Prevent poor technique. A common and accidental consequence of solo online learning.
  • Learn to read and interpret the language of music. Rhythm, notes and counting together with the signs and symbols that make music.
  • Lay strong foundations. Learn how posture, breathing and tone influence all aspects of flute playing.
  • Boost your self-confidence. Overcome performance anxiety, and prepare to perform. 
  • Improve your sight-reading skills. An essential for examinations or auditions, and train a healthy brain.
  • Gain exposure to new musical genre. Add variety to your repertoire and unlock your creativity.
  • Practice accountability. Get the most out of your practice time. Get better at getting better.  

And in all these areas you have the freedom to direct your learning towards your own musical interests. You aren't limited by a classroom agenda or the one practice book you own.

Your first 30 minute lesson is only $10 
 with zero ongoing commitment
I want you to be totally satisfied with your learning experience

There’s NO SUBSCRIPTION and nothing you need to opt out of. After you’ve completed your 30 minute trial lesson, you can decide for yourself if our style of lessons are for you. (But I think you’ll love them!)

Enter your details and let's arrange

a time to meet...

Limited discounted spots available so let's get you into the calendar!


What are students saying about online flute lessons?

Paul from the UK says...

This was Marisa from the US after her trial lesson...

And Dale from New Zealand says...

And even more...

Monique's fun, yet challenging approach really helped me to develop through the beginner levels of music in an enjoyable way.

Andrew Barnes Student

Monique was able to quickly ascertain what areas I needed more work on, teaching me ways to overcome these issues which had become roadblocks to my playing progress.

Debra Barclay - Student

As a Musical Director, Monique is very engaging. Her knowledge of repertoire is impressive and I like how she finds fun and interesting pieces for us to work on. She is able to understand our needs while involving everyone in the decision making.

Pauline Pile - Student

How will I know if my tutor and I are the right fit?

Easy. Let's start right now! I searched for some time to find incredible tutors with exactly the right spirit to join the team. I found Monique and Shaina! They're a dynamic duo - talented, bubbly, INSTANTLY LIKEABLE - who both light up when they talk music. (You'll know what I mean when you meet them yourself...)

I get it. Meeting someone for a lesson for the first time can be daunting.

So I've decided to bring you in behind the scenes and show you EXACTLY how our lesson platform on Zoom looks and sounds. PLUS I go a little deeper and host a short Q & A session so you can get to know both of these incredible teachers a little better.

Seriously, you'll LOVE spending time with them!

What can I expect in my first 30 minute lesson?

Your first lesson is casual and friendly, so don't be nervous!

It's a chance to get comfy with your tutor's teaching style, and an opportunity for you to tell your story.

Chat about what you've been working on, what's been challenging you and most importantly, where you'd like to take your flute playing. Monique and Shaina will take the time to listen to your story, and begin to create a crystal clear road map forward. 

Have a piece handy to demonstrate your playing, and you'll get immediate tips, insights and exercises that will help you overcome any playing challenge you're in right now.

(You can also test your equipment and ensure your user experience is excellent before committing to further lessons)

How much are ongoing flute lessons?

Whatever you budget, goals and schedule - there's a flexible bundle of lessons that will suit you.

jump start package

Perfect for beginners who want an introduction to flute without a long term commitment

$31/ lesson

Total Cost $93

  • 3 x 30 minute lessons
  • No recurring subscription
  • Flexible online scheduling
  • Personalized lesson notes, learning resources and curriculum
  • Use lessons any time within 6 weeks
immerse+excel package

For the advancing player who wants a mentor to partner with them to achieve goals over the longer term

$52/ lesson

Total Cost $310

  • 6 x 60 minute lessons
  • No recurring subscription
  • Flexible online scheduling
  • Personalized lesson notes, learning resources and curriculum
  • Use lessons any time within 3 months

Curious about online flute lessons? 
Take us on a 30 minute test run 

(You'll have to act quickly to reserve your $10 lesson...

To be honest, I'm not sure when I'll be discounting them again)

Enter your details to gain access to our booking calendar

Begin your lesson journey with a friendly one-on-one session with our resident online tutors.


How do online flute lessons work?

We use Zoom to connect at your lesson time. If you don't have any sheet music yet, it's not a problem! Your tutor can help create a free, personalized music portfolio with you. Files, videos, sheet music and other learning resources can be shared in a Google folder.

Read more of my frequently asked questions, by clicking here.

Secure Payment

Flexible and fast scheduling

No recurring subscription

Schedule or reschedule a lesson in 30 seconds

I get that life is busy with kids, work, travel, fitness and family... in fact, I've PLANNED on it! So I've created the ideal lesson scheduling tool for MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY. Take a look...

Ongoing scheduling is super simple using our online calendar. You'll receive an instant lesson confirmation, and links to cancel or reschedule your lesson if something comes up. Plus I’ll make sure you have plenty of notice ahead of time and send you reminders, so you never miss a lesson.

We can help you overcome the OVERWHELM of just getting started with flute. 

Schedule your trial lesson today.
You could meet your tutor as soon as tomorrow.

Your highly qualified tutor will partner with you to reach your goals. You can tap into their extensive personal playing experience to fast-track your progress, and do it at a time and place that suits you best.

Enter your details here to view available lesson slots. 

(We've made scheduling your trial lesson fast and easy. Speak soon)


Don't wait to claim your lesson spot (they always fill quickly whenever I offer a discount)

Looking forward to meeting with you,

Christie, Monique and Shaina

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