Online Lesson FAQs

Got questions? Here's some answers. Is there something else you need to know? Don't hesitate to get in touch at 

Do you provide lessons for children?

Our lessons are primarily targeted at adult learners. Online lessons aren't the ideal learning method for children, particularly those new to playing. This is simply because children benefit from a teacher physically with them in the classroom to demonstrate playing concepts closely. Following remote directions accurately may be difficult, and therefore we don’t believe this is the most effective form of learning. Given this, Monique has extensive experience teaching school aged students. Highly motivated school students with >2 years playing experience are welcome to schedule a trial lesson and your tutor can individually assess whether online lessons are appropriate. Parents are encouraged to be present for several lessons. 

What if I attend a lesson but the connection fails? Do I get a reschedule?

We want you to get the most out of your lessons, and understand that sometimes technical issues happen unexpectedly. If you are on time for a lesson but the video conferencing fails (i.e. your webcam may not be connecting), you still may be able to successfully complete your lesson using just the audio component. Your tutor may try to contact you via email and ask you to switch to our other video technology (either Skype or Zoom) to continue the lesson. However if you are unable to troubleshoot the issue and communicate with your teacher at all, a reschedule may be considered. If your tutor is repeatedly unable to connect with you for several lessons, its at the tutor's discretion to reschedule any further lessons. If your tutor experiences technical issues and is unable to contact you, a reschedule will be automatically granted. (Please note that a reliable internet connection is outlined in our lesson policy as a requirement)

What if I can't finish my entire lesson package? Can I receive a refund for the unused lessons?

To discuss cancelling your package please get in touch at We'd really love to help you finish your lessons and we may be able to facilitate that on an individual basis. Otherwise, if you wish to cancel your lesson package, we just ask for two lessons notice, and you will receive a refund for any further unused lessons. Immediate cancellation without notice will forfeit a two lesson fee.

I’m a total beginner. Do you teach how to read music and basic music theory?

We welcome total beginners and believe that partnering with a tutor early into learning is extremely beneficial to lay the right technical foundations for playing. Whilst we do not formally offer music theory lessons, a natural part of learning to play any instrument is to learn how to read and interpret musical notation (notes, rhythm, articulation and dynamic markings etc). You have the freedom to use your lessons as you wish, and not every lesson may involve playing the flute. Please discuss with your tutor where your musical interests lie!

What if I don’t have any flute books or sheet music?

Don't worry! You don't need to have any flute books or sheet music to begin your lessons (although your tutor may recommend some to you if you ask). There are many free flute sheet music resources that we can direct you to, and your tutor can help you build a portfolio of music that suits your musical interests and playing ability. When you begin a lesson package, your tutor will share a Google folder with you where they can deposit learning resources for you (be it sheet music PDFs, video or audio files). There are no set lesson books that you are required to purchase, and where possible we will direct you to free learning resources.