Are you a former flute player whose left a passion behind? Learn to play flute again.

"I've returned to playing the flute after many years this course is really helping to fill in the gaps." Maria..

Is the call to learn to play flute again too strong to ignore?

Perhaps you were once a gifted flute player, but for whatever reason, you’ve left flute playing in your past. Like many, life might've taken the front seat, pushing your passion for flute playing to the back.

But, what if I told you that it's not too late? The thousands of hours and dollars you've already invested in your flute education haven’t gone in vain. It's easier than you think to learn to play flute again. 

learn to play flute again

I'm Christie, founder of The Flute Coach.

Learn to play flute with The Flute Coach

Hi, I’m Christie, founder of The Flute Coach.

Like you, I paused my flute journey for over a decade due to college, parenting and the responsibilities of adult life.

When the call of music became irresistible again, I searched for a structured, online solution.

Eventually, I found it!

I was searching for a way to (re) learn how to play flute again. 

When I pulled out the flute every now and then it was obvious that my technique had suffered from the lack of regular practice and without a structured learning plan.

Airy flute tone. Slow finger changes. Aimless practice sessions.... It was frustrating getting restarted again. 

I knew I needed flute lessons that could skip over the most basic concepts, but put polish up my technique and refine the musicality of my playing, to return me to my former level of playing.

Another criteria - it HAD to be online as I had no time for for structured lessons.

I needed

  • total flexibility and convenience
  • to learn at my own pace.

YouTube was ok at first.

There was an amazing amount of fantastic knowledge out there! The problem was that there was no structure to the videos I was finding. They were often ‘one-offs’, and I would spend ages trying to find a complete series of videos!

During my search I found a number of 'learn to play flute' courses offered by Udemy – an online learning hub.

These step-by-step flute lessons were offered in one complete online package, in a format that could fit into my lifestyle at the time.

I know many returning flute players were searching for the same, and so this was something I had to share...

Introducing “Master flute playing: Intermediate Instruction Made Simple” by MusicProfessor

Learn to play flute again with the MusicProfessor

It's the second in Udemy’s most popular and best-selling MusicProfessor 'Learn to play flute' series. 

Inside this online intermediate flute course, you'll continue to learn to play flute and build on your existing musical foundations. You'll cover...

Achieving high notes
Complex time signatures
Increasing playing endurance
Major and Minor Scales
Dynamics control
Tone Development

Plus you’ll receive a catalogue of intermediate flute solos that will challenge you to apply the concepts you’ve learnt. 

Learn to play flute again with the all the resources you need

Students are loving how easy it is to learn to play flute again. (Some are returning after DECADES away from the flute...)

Candace has learnt to play flute again
Amy will learn to play flute again
Shanni will learn to play flute again
Jonath will learn to play flute again

Where can this course take me?

You get a lot more than just ‘a bunch of videos’. You’re opening yourself up to all of the benefits playing flute brings to mind, body and soul…

Physical and mental health benefits

Improve coordination, reducing stress levels, build new confidence, increase productivity and develop creativity.

Enhance your musicality

Move past 'just playing notes'

Conquer your performance anxiety

And realize your dream of performing in a group or in front of an audience

Surprise and delight family and friends

Mesmerize your audience with beautiful melodies.

Increase playing endurance

Play for longer periods without fatigue. 

Who is this course for?

If you can read notes, count and interpret simple rhythms, make a good quality sound and already play simple melodies, then you might be in one of these groups...

  • You've just completed the MusicProfessor's Beginner Flute course
  • You've played the flute years ago and had a long break from playing; or
  • You've previously played another instrument and want to add flute to your skill set.

If you fall into any of these categories, you're a great fit for this intermediate course. 

Learn to play flute at home

Private flute lessons typically cost at least $50 per hour. Factor into this the time and expense of travelling to and from your lessons, and it all really starts to add up…

With six hours of video included in this course, you would likely be paying at least $300 to access the same material in private flute lessons – plus the value you put on your own time for travel.

But - for less than the cost of one hour of private tuition, you can access the entire coursework!

(Yes, the entire course is less than $50).

Learn to play flute sneak peek

Try it risk free. 

Udemy offers a sensational 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you feel that the course falls short and doesn’t deliver on the extensive list of features, you will receive your money back.

It’s that simple. Not only that, but the entire course curriculum is listed up-front. That means you know exactly what you will be expecting to learn before you pay a cent.

  • Lifetime access
  • Bestselling flute series on Udemy
  • Taught by acclaimed soloist and Professor of Flute Dr Lisa Garner Santa
  • Buy as a one-off payment. No subscriptions necessary. 

Build on your musical foundations or recover lost years of flute playing…

For a moment, consider this: MusicProfessor’s course offers 6 hours of lessons taught by an expert artist and performer. That’s equivalent to 6 private lessons, which could cost you at least $300 or even more.

Yet, at less than $50, this online flute course is such incredible value. 

If you’re setting some serious goals to learn to play flute again, you need a step-by-step resource that provides you with a roadmap to success, structure to your practise time and the support you need when you have questions.

To recap you get.

  • 6 hours of in-depth lesson videos: Expert knowledge packed into bite-sized lessons. 
  • Q&A forum for extra support: Have a question? The forum has answers. Keep moving forward. 
  • Printable workbook with all scales, exercises and sheet music: Practice, mark, annotate. Everything at your fingertips.
  • Lifetime access: Learning at your own pace. No pressure, no expiry dates. 
Learn to play flute behind the scenes

Learning flute online with MusicProfessor makes it quicker and easier than you ever thought possible to advance in your flute playing. 

Join passionate flute players just like you, who are finally taking a step towards their flute dream scene - whether that's playing for fun and family, at church or in a community group.

Ian will learn to play flute again
Cheryl will learn to play flute again
Jesse will learn to play flute again
Maria will learn to play flute again