The MusicProfessor's Master Flute Playing: Intermediate Instruction Made Simple!

A seamless transition into further learning...

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Master Flute Playing: Intermediate Instruction Made Simple!

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Online Flute Course

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A seamless transition for students advancing from the beginner course in the MusicProfessor series. Great as a refresher for returning players.


Wondering what's the next step in your learning when you're 'not quite a beginner' anymore??

Can you...read notes, count and interpret simple rhythms, make a good quality sound and already play simple melodies?

Then you might be in one of these groups... 

  • You've just completed the MusicProfessor's Beginner Flute course; 
  • You've played the flute years ago and had a long break from playing; or
  • You've previously played another instrument and want to add flute to your skill set.

Fantastic! Sounds like you're ready to move to an intermediate level of learning with The MusicProfessor's Master Flute Playing: Intermediate Instruction Made Simple course. This course is offered through online learning hub Udemy which hosts a mind-boggling array of short courses - everything from web development to yoga. If you've begun flute as a total beginner, I recommend this course as the second in your online learning pipeline, following on from the "Learn to Play the Flute: Beginner Basics to Intermediate" course. 

To reassure you that you're getting EXACTLY what you expect out of this course, I've personally joined as a student myself to provide comprehensive feedback in my full review below...

So what does the course look like?

This intermediate level course is led by the same instructor from the beginner course of the same series which makes for a seamless transition to this next level of lessons.

The layout of the course is conveniently in the same format as the beginner course, so if you completed that one first you'll have no problems navigating this one. But if this is your first time with The MusicProfessor, you'll find the layout very simple to navigate through the provided tabs.

When you first log into your course, you'll be taken to the course overview tab. This acts as a 'home page' where you'll see any recent activity from other students submitting questions, instructor announcements, a description of the course features and information about The MusicProfessor. The bar graph graphic at the top of the home page shows how far along in the lesson series you have progressed. This is really handy so you don't waste a second searching for where you left off in the long list of course material.

What does this course cover?

Under the ‘Course Content’ tab the lessons are grouped into nine sections. In total , it offers 100 lectures over six hours. Lectures range from under a minute to approximately 20 minutes in length and introduce advanced techniques such as vibrato, syncopation, and tone development exercises, together with an expanding range of scales and notes played. There is a large focus on scales.  (Remember, these are the essential building blocks of music.) While the large amount of time dedicated to scales may seem a little dry to students, they are invaluable to developing muscle memory, dexterity, an ear for correct intonation, and are useful tools to practice articulation and rhythm. Furthermore, if you're progressing down the path to examinations and auditions, they're absolutely essential requirements.

Course content list showing lesson length and companion files 

During any lesson, you can submit a question via the Q&A button at the bottom of the screen. All questions asked by all students for the entire course appear under the Q&A tab on the home page together with their responses. While the library of questions is not as large as the beginner course, I'm sure this will increase as more students join. The MusicProfessor provides fast and detailed feedback, usually within 24 hours of the question being submitted.

In the 'Course Content' tab underneath some of the lesson videos you'll find extra files for download (diagrams, flute fingerings, scales and music) that you can use in your own practise time. These can be viewed simultaneously while watching the video. You can easily switch between viewing the instructor or the sheet music in full screen mode by simply clicking on whichever you wish to view. 

Switching between full screen mode for the instructor or the accompanying sheet music.

Clicking on the very first lecture of the course "Introduction" will enable you to download the entire course content in one printable companion music book in pdf ("Intermediate Flute - Full score.pdf").  I prefer reading music off paper myself. My music teacher always encouraged scribbling notes and reminders onto sheet music - and I do too!

A sneak peek of your companion music book...

What are people saying about it??

The MusicProfessor is a trusted online music educator, and offers courses in a huge range of instruments other than flute. A quick scan of all their available courses on Udemy showed consistently great feedback from students, rated at least 4 out of 5 stars. (Although it must be noted that some only had a single review). This current course is no different.

95% of student reviewers are giving it at least 4 out of 5 stars...


Students are welcomed back by our friendly and engaging instructor. The course is easy to navigate, lesson objectives are clear, and the videos are of high quality. This course does an excellent job at building on the basics and allows students the time to consolidate technique through a comprehensive catalogue of scales and exercises. Focusing on this type of content (rather than rushing to play pieces) may challenge some student’s attention span and motivation. This course is well suited for all ages, but particularly for those that have had some music playing experience or who have completed the beginner’s course. Knowledge of basic theory of music is a prerequisite.


  • Easy transition from beginner course 
  • Large selection of scales available in the downloadable companion music book
  • Engaging and upbeat instructor
  • Udemy’s 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Only a few questions in the Q&A library. A shame since they are a helpful resource to other students. This may change as the enrollments increase.
  • Perceived as a weakness (but actually is a strength!). A danger that students will grow bored with the large proportion of exercises and scales. Time spent consolidating technique using scales is well worth it

best price

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