Are you a former high school flute player who feels like you gave up your flute playing too soon?

Perhaps like me, you were once an accomplished performer but for whatever reason, you’ve left flute playing in your past. Maybe you focused on career or family, devoted your time to your college studies or you just felt like you ‘needed a break’. The problem is as the years (or decades) have gone by those sneaky self-doubts have started to creep in and you question whether you’ve just missed your opportunity to play altogether.

You could say that giving up playing flute is one of your biggest regrets. The thousands of hours you spent practising and performing, not to mention thousands of dollars for flute lessons, now seems like it was for nothing. If you can't help but wonder 'what could have been' then I have good news.

 It’s possible to regain the joy, passion and technical ability you once had.

You haven’t left it ‘too late’ to become a highly skilled flute player…  

Even though you may not have picked up your flute for years, are you still able to recognise music notes, understand simple rhythms, make a good quality sound on the flute and play simple melodies? 

Well keep reading.... I believe I’ve found the next logical step in your flute tuition that will allow you to brush up on the skills and techniques you've previously learned.

It's what you’ve been searching all over the internet for!


As adult flute players, the busyness of life can mean that passions or hobbies can take a back seat. Sometimes without meaning to, you put them on the back burner for years! Because our lives are so full, traditional face-to-face flute lessons no longer suit everyone. I’m a huge advocate of online learning and I believe it’s the easiest way to balance getting the most out of life without having to sacrifice dreams such as playing flute.


I’m talking about flute lessons that give you the complete freedom to...  

Fit into your own unique schedule

Work entirely at your own pace

Learn anywhere in the world.

You can now learn WHENEVER and WHEREVER you choose.

Hi I’m Christie, founder of The Flute Coach. Following a break in my own flute playing because of college studies and becoming a parent I can absolutely relate to your search for the best way to continue learning flute, and balancing that desire with all of the other demands in your life.

Following a decade of working in the scientific research industry I found a growing desire to reconnect with music, and pick up where I left off in my flute lessons. Becoming a parent in those years I had also begun to research how the benefits of music could extend beyond me and to my children. What I found was fascinating and motivated me to look into ways in which I could begin flute lessons again.

I wanted to make music a part of my life… the problem was life had taken over…  

I didn’t need to ‘start again’ with beginner flute lessons. I still had a considerable playing ability despite many years on a break. I simply wanted to build on all of my former years of practising and performing. I certainly didn’t want them to go to waste! However, when I pulled out the flute every now and then for a play, it was obvious that my technique had suffered from the lack of regular practise and without a structured learning plan.

I needed lessons that could skip over the most basic concepts, but put polish up my technique and refine the musicality of my playing, to return me to my former level of playing.

I had one other criteria too…It had to be online because I just simply did not have the time to attend flute lessons.

I’ll admit it. I wasted a lot of time searching online for freebie flute lesson series. I found a lot of free videos on Youtube. There’s an amazing amount of fantastic knowledge out there! The problem was that there was no structure to the videos I was finding. They were often ‘one-offs’, and I would spend ages trying to find a complete series of videos!

During my search I found a number of flute courses offered by Udemy – an online learning hub that offers thousands of courses.

These step-by-step lessons were offered in one complete online package, in a format that could fit into my lifestyle at the time. I know many adult flute players are in my boat, and so this was something I had to share...

Introducing: The MusicProfessor’s
 “Master flute playing: Intermediate Instruction Made Simple” 

It's the second in Udemy’s most popular and best-selling MusicProfessor flute course series. It’s filled with over 100 lesson videos with detailed demonstrations that build on the foundations you’ve already laid in your musical background.

You’ll gain excellent instruction in...

  • check
    Interpreting more complex rhythms and time signatures
  • check
    Playing high notes
  • check
    How to use vibrato
  • check
    Mastering major and chromatic scales  
  • check
    Dynamic control
  • check
    Increasing your playing endurance
  • check
    How to play expressively
  • check
    Tone development and more....

Plus you’ll receive a catalogue of intermediate level melodies that will challenge you to apply the concepts you’ve learnt. 

Where can this course lead me?

This is a new generation of learning. If you’re setting some serious goals about learning flute this year, you need a step-by-step resource that provides you with a roadmap to success, structure to your practise time and the support you need when you have questions.


By joining the MusicProfessor course as part of The Flute Coach team, you get a lot more than just ‘a bunch of videos’. You’re opening yourself up to all of the benefits playing flute brings to mind, body and soul…

  • 1
    Reap the life-long physical and mental health benefits of learning music
  • 2
    Reduce your stress levels 
  • 3
    Conquer your fears of performing in front of an audience
  • 4
    Enhance your musicality to performance quality Move past 'just playing notes'
  • 5
    Enjoy the community of joining a social playing group
  • 6
    Overcome barriers to learning such as your work situation, geographical location, availability of music teachers or cost

People across the world are loving this course and achieving their goals  

Hundreds of students have already joined... 

I love the warm, friendly presentation style of the teacher.

Claire Lynch

Easy to follow, well made course!

Erik Veldcamp

You can recover those lost years of flute playing…

Don’t waste the time, effort and cost you’ve already invested into flute playing. 

Simply click on this link below to be taken directly to the MusicProfessor’s registration page. 
Any current discounts on offer, are AUTOMATICALLY applied for you.

I’m convinced this course delivers such incredible value.

It’s no secret. Private flute lessons are expensive…

With six hours of video included in this course, you would likely be paying at least $300 to access the same amount of material in private lessons – plus the expense and time it takes to travel. And unfortunately, that’s a price not everyone can afford.

For around the equivalent cost of only one hour of private lessons, you can access (watch, pause, repeat and rewind) the entire coursework!

$49.99 USD is the one-time, never pay it again price. Unlike other courses I’ve come across, there are no annoying monthly or yearly automatic subscriptions you need to take the time to cancel. It’s totally transparent.  Plus, there’s no time limit on your access to the coursework. You never need to worry about your membership running out, or rushing through lessons to make sure you get ‘the best value’. You truly have the freedom to work at your own pace.

The best part is you can try it absolutely risk-free.

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Udemy offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you feel that the course falls short and doesn’t deliver on the extensive list of features, you'll receive your money back. Easy. 

Not only that, but you’re provided with the entire course curriculum before you pay a cent. Other online flute courses rarely provide you with that level of information.

To reassure you even further, I’ve gone ahead and personally paid to join this course already. My review for members of my Flute Coach team is available below…

Click to read my rapid review here

So as a final reminder you receive

  • check
    6 hours of lesson videos
  • check
    Access to the Q&A forum for extra support
  • check
    Printable companion music book with all scales, exercises and sheet music
  • check
    Lifetime access to lessons
  • check
    30 day money back guarantee

All for only $49.99USD!

A saving at least $245 in equivalent private tuition fees.

Life's too short to live with the regret of unrealised dreams

Learning flute online with MusicProfessor makes it quicker and easier than you ever thought possible to pick up where you left off. 

I"m excited for you as you finally take a step towards the dreams you've put on hold for so long.    

All the best!


P.S. If you commit an average of just 15 minutes to this course each day, in less than a month you will have completed it entirely! That means a month from now you may not even recognise yourself playing flute. Start thinking ahead - what opportunities could this open up for you?

P.P.S. Keep in touch on my Facebook page here. I’d love to share your progress.