Beginner flute players can't believe how fast they are learning how to play the flute online... 

"I haven't played in years. I'm gaining a strong foundation I didn't even know that I lacked. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to step back and develop a strong foundation to build on." Suzy S.

It's NEVER TOO LATE to learn how to play the flute. 

Whether you're eager to read musical notes, play captivating melodies, or simply find peace in a new hobby, the flute is the perfect instrument to begin your musical journey.

how to play flute like you always dreamed

For many of us, adulting comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Juggling work, family, and everyday challenges leaves us gasping for some "me" time. The flute might be your sweet escape, and guess what? You can now learn it at YOUR convenience.

I'm Christie, founder of The Flute Coach.

As a busy mum of two, and a flute player who always wants to learn more, I can absolutely relate to your struggles about finding the best way to balance learning how to play the flute in with the rest of your life.

Juggling parenting, part time study and work, I could no longer spare the time to attend private flute lessons.

This meant that I took a break from flute playing as 'life took over'...

But as the world went digital, I discovered that the traditional ways of learning were evolving. The internet was buzzing with flute lessons, but they lacked structure, leaving learners confused and directionless.

Until I chanced upon Udemy - a treasure trove of organized, high-quality, and enjoyable flute lessons. 

Finally I had found the solution to busy adult learner's problem...

These high quality step-by-step lessons, were offered in a totally flexible and convenient format – all in the one online learning resource.

This means…

  •  No more time-consuming googling for videos!
  •  No more traveling to and from private flute lessons.
  •  No more embarrassment or shyness in your initial stages of learning

I knew that I was not the only person who could benefit from courses like this and so I had to share it with players like you.

Introducing the “Learn to Play the Flute: Beginner Basics to Intermediate” by MusicProfessor

“Learn to Play the Flute: Beginner Basics to Intermediate” by MusicProfessor

This much acclaimed online course offers over 100 lessons that break down the essentials of how to play the flute for beginners. 

Inside the “Learn to Play the Flute” course you'll cover...

Flute positioning 
Sound creation
First flute notes and basic music theory
Flute Scales
Simple flute songs

No more puzzling over fragmented YouTube videos or outdated exercise books. MusicProfessor’s courses are a breath of fresh air, sculpting beginners into confident players, and bringing joy to thousands worldwide.

See how students are loving learning how to play the flute - whether it's for the first time (or the first time in years)...

Paul learnt how to play flute
Teresa learnt how to play the flute
Stacey learnt how to play the flute
Chingbee learnt how to play the flute

What this could mean for you.

By joining the "How to play the flute" course as part of The Flute Coach team, not only will it be packed with generous features such as hours of video and downloadable sheet music, you will also...

Physical and mental health benefits

Improve coordination, reducing stress levels, building self-confidence, increase productivity and develop creativity.

Improve sight reading

Using flute-specific troubleshooting tips

Overcome the barrier of being ‘time poor’

Eliminate the need to travel to and from traditional lessons

Gain confidence

And realize your dream of performing in a group or in front of an audience

Fortify your foundation with flawless techniques.

Avoid forming bad playing habits by mastering correct techniques early

Surprise and delight family and friends

Mesmerize your audience with beautiful melodies.

Private flute lessons typically cost at least $50 per hour. Factor into this the time and expense of travelling to and from your lessons, and it all really starts to add up…

With six hours of video included in this course, you would likely be paying at least $300 to access the same material in private lessons – plus the value you put on your own time for travel.

But - for less than the cost of one hour of private tuition, you can access the entire coursework!

(Yes, the entire course is less than $50).

Inside learn how to play the flute course

Try it risk free. 

Udemy offers a sensational 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you feel that the course falls short and doesn’t deliver on the extensive list of features, you will receive your money back.

It’s that simple. Not only that, but the entire course curriculum is listed up-front. That means you know exactly what you will be expecting to learn before you pay a cent.

  • Lifetime access
  • Bestselling flute lessons on Udemy
  • Taught by acclaimed soloist and Professor of Flute Dr Lisa Garner Santa
  • Buy as a one-off payment. No subscriptions necessary. 

Your Investment Today Will Reap Long-Term Rewards in your flute playing. 

For a moment, consider this: MusicProfessor’s course offers 6 hours of lessons taught by an expert artist and performer. That’s equivalent to 6 private lessons, which could cost you around $300 or even more.

Yet, at less than $50, this online flute course is such incredible value. 

You're not just getting a course; you're enrolling in a musical journey curated by an expert, designed for passionate learners like you!

To recap you get.

  • 6 hours of in-depth lesson videos: A treasure trove of knowledge packed into digestible lessons. Every second of these videos is designed to make you a better flutist.
  • Q&A forum for extra support: Have a question? The forum has answers. Never feel lost or stuck.
  • Printable workbook & downloadable sheet music: It’s like holding a musical world in your hands. Practice, mark, annotate, and make each piece truly yours.
  • Lifetime access: Learning at your own pace becomes real with this. Your course, your rules, your timing.
  • Dozens of melodies, songs, & technique-building exercises: From classical to contemporary, every lesson is a new adventure.
  • Music Theory basics: Understand the language of music. Knowledge that is invaluable.
learn how to play the flute sneak peek

Whether it's been time, your budget or a lack of local flute teachers holding you back from learning flute - your time is now.

Join passionate flute players just like you, who are finally gaining new confidence and progressing faster then they ever though possible in their flute playing. 

(They've loved learning how to play the flute so much, they can't wait to learn more. In fact some have already bought the next course in the series...)

Sharon learnt how to play the flute
Melena learnt how to play the flute
Shruti learnt how to play the flute
Liz learnt how to play the flute