Struggling to fit your kid’s flute lessons into your hectic schedule? Discover the online solution parents are loving...

"Great experience with his flute lessons... His teacher gave him the confidence to end the band season on a great note..."

Dear parents,

Imagine this scene - you watch your child and they’re lost in the beautiful sound of a flute. They’re playing with confidence, excitement, and joy. But they’re not in a classroom, they’re in a flute lesson just a few steps away, learning in the comfort of their favorite room. How would it feel knowing your child is not only learning a precious skill but doing so without the added tiredness and stress from weekly commutes across town for flute lessons?

kids love our flute lessons

Rush hour traffic, frantic schedules, and the challenge of squeezing in after-school activities. All these can easily overwhelm any family. Parents like you often face the daunting task of balancing work, home, and their child's extracurricular activities. But music shouldn't be a chore or another tick on the to-do list. It should be a source of joy, and a skill nurtured at ease. It should be enjoyed by both children and their families, without the constant rush.

flute lessons that fit with your life

A Solution Crafted For Busy Families 

A few years ago, I was in a similar spot, trying to reignite my passion for flute playing amidst a whirlwind of work, family, and life's many unpredictable turns. As an adult returning to the flute and a busy mum, I faced a conundrum – how to continue the musical journey while juggling so many responsibilities?

I needed flute lessons that fit around my life, not the other way around. And, as I soon discovered, so did countless other parents looking for a way to encourage their children's musical education without the chaos of another mid-week journey. The answer was clear: online flute lessons.

So, back in 2016, I started The Flute Coach.

Gone were the days where a remote location, tricky work hours, or the absence of local teachers were very real barriers to learning flute. I believed young, aspiring flute players everywhere deserved a chance to learn flute, and I was determined to make it convenient and effective.

Our Approach

I founded The Flute Coach not just as a solution to my problems but recognizing that many families were looking for a convenient way for their kids to learn flute, without compromising on the quality of lessons. 

I was determined to create a platform where kids could discover and nurture a lifelong love for music, without the hassle of squeezing in another midweek journey across town.

  • Personalized
  • Super flexible
  • Nurturing
  • Goal-oriented

Personalized flute lessons for maximum growth 

No rush hour, no hassle.

flute lessons for advancing players

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Flute lessons tailored for busy families. 

When your child joins us for lessons with The Flute Coach you'll receive:

Personalized lesson approach

Every child is unique. We ensure each lesson is tailored to your child's needs and progress.

Easy rescheduling

 Life happens. Change lesson timings with ease.

Convenient Online Booking calendar

Schedule lessons when it's convenient for your family, not the other way around.

Expert guidance

Benefit from a seasoned flute teacher dedicated to your child's musical growth.

Our flute lessons will help your child to...

master correct technique

Avoid unhelpful habits from the outset.

gain self-confidence

Overcome stage fright and performance anxiety.

work towards goals

Preparing for examinations becomes a breeze

purposeful practice

Lesson notes provided, so they'll always know what to work on next.

maintain excitement for music

Engaging lessons keep their passion alive.

make steady progress

Regular feedback ensures they’re always growing.

For parents we provide...

Peace of Mind

Quality education from the comfort of home.


Say goodbye to tiresome commutes and scheduling nightmares.

Clear communication

Regular email and text reminders so you never miss a lesson. 

Value for Money

Expert teaching at reasonable rates. 

share in the joy

Witness your child's growth and happiness

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A special offer for you.

The regular price of our lessons starts at $28, but we want you and your child to meet us and LOVE their lesson before you make a commitment to join our online studio. 

Get their first lesson for just $10! No ongoing commitment to lessons needed.

I am so convinced about the value we bring, you'll see an improvement in the very first lesson!

So secure this special introductory price for their first flute lesson, come along and meet us and help your child embark on a mesmerizing musical journey.

How your online flute lessons work


Book a friendly 30 minute trial lesson.


Loved it? Select a lesson package to continue. 


Watch your child grow in confidence and skill.

Meet Monique, your online flute teacher

Monique joined The Flute Coach in February 2019 as the resident online teacher. 

She's an experienced performer and flute teacher, holding a Bachelor in Flute Performance and Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning. She was a school-based music teacher for almost 10 years, so has plenty of experience with young learners. 

For your first lesson you can bring along a piece of music your child is already working on. No music? No problem. She'll come prepared with music and tips that will help your child settle in , right from the first lesson. 

Your time together is casual, friendly, and a chance for you and your child to feel comfortable.

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We've helped kids to...

Prepare for auditions.

Work towards flute examinations.

Keep up with school ensemble pieces.

Improve their sound and gain confidence in playing. 

Prepare performance pieces.

Make the switch from other instruments

Stay motivated to practice. 

We’d love that for your child too.

flute lessons for kids

We think your child will love their first online lesson. If you'd love to join us for more, here's our pricing (USD)

jumpstart package



3 x 30 minute lessons

No recurring subscription

Flexible online scheduling

Lesson notes and learning resources

Use lessons within 6 weeks

momentum builder package



6 x 30 minute lessons

No recurring subscription

Flexible online scheduling

Lesson notes and learning resources

Use lessons within 3 months

immerse & excel package



6 x 60 minute lessons

No recurring subscription

Flexible online scheduling

Lesson notes and learning resources

Use lessons within 3 months

Enroll today and witness the transformation in your child's musical journey.

Students are saying their first flute lesson is relaxed, friendly yet highly productive. They’re gaining new confidence in their playing and making progress faster than parents expected. 


My child is very shy and nervous about playing for a stranger

Online lessons can actually be less intimidating for shy kids, allowing them to learn in a comfortable and familiar environment. Monique is a friendly face, experienced with working with children, and  ensures a comfortable, encouraging environment for every child.

How can I ensure my child stays motivated and committed?

Our lessons are engaging, interactive, and tailored to keep your child's interest alive. Plus, you save the commute time which can be used for practice!

What if I don't have any flute books or sheet music?

Don't worry! You don't need to have any flute books or sheet music to begin your lessons (although your teacher may recommend some to you if you ask). There are many free flute sheet music resources that we can direct you to, and your teacher can help you build a portfolio of music that suits your musical interests and playing ability. When you begin a lesson package, your teacher will share a Google folder with you where they can deposit learning resources for you (be it sheet music PDFs, video or audio files). There are no set lesson books that you are required to purchase, and where possible we will direct you to free learning resources.

Can I read your lesson policy?

Sure! Handy info about scheduling, rescheduling, no-shows, reminders etc are all here >

What child protection measures do you have in place?

Monique holds a valid Working with Children card issued by the Australian Government. Your child's safety is our utmost priority. 

We can't wait to meet you!

Warm Regards,

Christie, Founder of The Flute Coach

P.S. Remember, your child's first flute lesson is just $10. Join the many parents who've seen their children blossom into confident flute players! Watch as your child transforms into a confident flute maestro, all while you sip your coffee, or get dinner started, enjoying the melodies from the next room.

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