Producing rich, clear notes on the flute can seem really hard as you're just getting started. 

The free Flute Coach Bootcamp video series will help you to easily 'find your sound' and avoid the common mistakes that may be sabotaging the beautiful flute tone you're longing to play with...

Hundreds of new (and new again) flute players struggling to create a sound have joined The Flute Coach Bootcamp to help them zero in on beautiful, consistent sound every time they play.

Here’s what they're saying...

Hao Thien Kim

course participant

It was so helpful!

OMG! I've just hit several high notes that I couldn't before. Thank you so much!


course participant

I loved these videos.

I've watched lots of tone videos, and they all say the same things but you're much more informative and branched off to ideas I've never heard of!

F. Pants

course participant

This guide was miles more helpful than the others I've seen...

The tips for what NOT to do helped so much.  Thank you!

Go from frustrated to focused with your sound.

Forever access to the series (and it's free)

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Bootcamp

Each day for four days you'll receive a micro-tutorial by email.  I demonstrate the simple and proven tips and strategies that will help you to

Avoid the four common mistakes that may be sabotaging your sound

There’s lots of different ways to describe finding your embouchure shape but what might be easiest, is telling you what its NOT. I present my step-wise approach to embouchure formation and give you an important warning about FOUR common embouchure MISTAKES many players make that’s KILLING THEIR SOUND.

Take easy steps to troubleshoot your terrible tone. Make tiny changes, hear a huge difference

If you'd describe your sound as weak, airy or fuzzy and have been unable to make much improvement this might be why...
I’ll show you how even just a subtle change can make all the difference to your tone. By applying the logical steps in this lesson, you can EXPECT IMPROVEMENT INSTANTLY.

Leapfrog between high and low notes with ease, without notes disappearing or cracking.

Developing a FLEXIBLE EMBOUCHURE is the key to being able to play all notes with LESS EFFORT.

Nail the lowest and highest notes cleanly every time with these subtle changes (and we'll put it to the test). You'll learn why all notes aren't played equally. 

About the presenter, Christie.

Returning to the flute as a busy adult after a 15 year break, it was clear that online learning was my answer. But after searching for a logical learning pathway, I realised it didn't exist. So I created The Flute Coach - an online hub to equip and support players with learning tools to reach their goals of playing for fun, with friends and their community.

Go from frustrated to focused with your flute tone.

Forever access to the series, free 


The Flute Coach

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