Build a custom collection of easy flute sheet music titles for less than the cost of a coffee each month.

A customized and digital flute sheet music library cuts the cost, clutter and hassle of storing reams of unwanted printed music. 

How many times have you bought a book searching for easy flute sheet music, only to ever play a few pieces and discard the rest?

Until recently, this was the pattern I followed over and over again... But I've found an online resource that will change the way you buy your music forever, giving you access to an almost endless variety of easy flute sheet music for a fraction of the cost of print

The old model of buying music was something like this....

  • Browse through books of collections of flute sheet music (mentally gauge which one you'll get the most out of) 
  • Commit to purchasing an entire book worth of material (just to access the few songs that you think you might be needing) .
  • Repeat (when practice time gets boring).
  • Watch an expensive and under-utlized stack of sheet music accumulate in your spare room.
  • Go to the trouble of trying to resell them on Facebook Marketplace to recoup some of your costs (and de-clutter your home) 

It all starts to add up... I'm sure you've noticed that printed sheet music doesn't come cheap... 

Up until recently, printed flute sheet music has been the ‘go-to’ for students and teachers alike.

Why? Well, most people think it's convenient and the best way to get a 'variety' of music. 

Valid reasons! However, a comprehensive study of the available printed flute collections concluded that editors choices did not always provide students with pieces that addressed the most important playing techniques relevant to their skill level and many failed to give them the playing variety they were hoping for.

Finding and customizing a huge variety of flute sheet music for your collection is now possible. From easy to advanced playing ability. 

In my own search for a solution, I've found an online resource that changed forever the way I bought flute sheet music...

Virtual Sheet Music is one of the largest and most trusted providers of digital sheet music. It’s an online music portal giving access to an almost endless variety of music for a fraction of the cost of printed sheet music.

Now, you no longer have to commit to an entire book purchase. You can cherry pick exactly the flute songs you want.

They’ve made it easy to mix and match your selection based on genre, composer, difficulty level, key signature, ensemble arrangement and more…

So you can truly have the freedom of choice.

download easy flute sheet music to an ipad


No more downtime waiting for the postman. 


Endless variety at your fingertips


Pay for what you really want. 

Buy only the flute sheet music you really want to play. 

Want a particular flute solo or etude, but want to challenge yourself in another key signature?

Feel in the mood for some classical flute music one day and some jazz flute the next?

Do it without any down time.

In seconds you can browse thousands of pieces of flute sheet music.

Discover your new favourite Flute player

I've found a way to add hundreds of pieces of easy flute sheet music to your collection for the same cost as a single off-the-shelf flute exercise book. 

Introducing the "Virtual Sheet Music Membership"

The most convenient and best value resource that I've found for accessing easy flute sheet music online.

Your annual Virtual Sheet Music membership includes some incredible benefits...

Free members access to 100s of classical flute titles.
Instant download or print at home
Unlimited daily downloads of sheet music
Exclusive members discounts of up to 70% on thousands of flute titles
Transposition tools and exclusive mp3 accompaniment tracks
Preview and listen to samples BEFORE you buy

All the value included in this premium service is only $37.75 per year, equivalent to the price you’d pay for only a single book of flute solos or flute etudes. 

It works out to a tiny $3.15 per month.

That's literally the cost of one cup of coffee!

One of the best parts of Virtual Sheet Music's model is it puts buyer satisfaction first.

After all, it was founded and run by musicians who know exactly what you want!

What members are saying...

Aaron K. 

member since December, 1999

"It's a really good deal to be able to get all the music you want for a small annual fee and it's a lot more convenient than going to a music store. Plus, you only have to download what you really want instead of buying a whole book that has only a few pieces that you enjoy playing."

Julie C.

member since December 23, 1999 

A convenient and cost-effective means of extending one's sheet music collection, and of being introduced to music one might ordinarily not go out to try to buy, but which once added into the collection is very much enjoyed."  

Ken B.

member since November 2, 2002

I am so glad I found this site. The music I print out is crystal clear. The selection of music is outstanding and is continually being updated. .... I have made several requests from customer service over the past year and their response has always been quick, courteous and very helpful. Virtual Sheet Music has been an invaluable resource to me."  

What will Virtual Sheet Music really mean for you?

Repertoire tailored exactly to your ever-changing playing needs and interests.

NO DOWN TIME as you wait for printed music to be in stock and delivered. 

Cut down on the paper clutter and storage hassles of printed music.

Practice playing with others. Download the ensemble or accompaniment tracks to play along

begin building and customising your library of easy flute sheet music.

All for the incredible price of just $37.75/yr.

I've done the research for you. See how the competitors stack up on price and features ...

Quality at its Best

This isn't just a bunch of PDFs thrown together. It's top quality digital sheet music with added media files and interactive features. Imagine having pure digital PDF sheet music files combined with Mp3, MIDI, and Mp3 accompaniments. It’s a true blend of modernity with the classics.

A Library Beyond Imagination

As a member, you gain unparalleled access. Print or download over 2,800 titles, amounting to over 10,000 individual music pieces, at no additional cost. This includes both classical repertoire and Virtual Sheet Music® exclusive arrangements. The sheer variety available here is nothing short of a musical feast.

Interactivity Like Never Before

With online transposition and interactive video accompaniments, the musical world becomes your oyster. Dive into online interactive music via Scorch™, allowing for on-the-fly changes such as tempo adjustment, instrument swaps, and real-time transposition, all from your browser.

Unmatched Audio Collection

Easily access and download over 100,000 MIDI and Mp3 files, enhancing your practice sessions and deepening your understanding of each piece.

Build your customized library of easy flute sheet music for just $37.75/yr.

And ditch the cost and hassle of printed music for good.