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Should We Bother Setting Goals??

For me, I’ve always liked setting goals in all areas of my life – be it finance, hobbies, career etc. Particularly around the start of a new year, I feel a sense of excited anticipation and hopefulness about what lies ahead. But most of us (myself included) despite our very best intentions, fail to meet our often noble resolutions or goals of doing more exercise, losing weight, quitting smoking or learning a new skill like an instrument or language… Why are we
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Amazing Types of flutes: Discovering the Flute Family Tree

My parents are in the middle of constructing our family tree. Amazingly, they’ve been able to go back ten generations. As they chase down birth and marriage dates, photos, and names long forgotten, it’s been a fascinating journey to put together the pieces of our history, understand where we came from and unravel connections we never knew existed. Today I’m going to take you on a similar journey and introduce you to some of the types of flutes (call them your
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