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How to Play Lush Low Notes and Heavenly High Notes Effortlessly

One of the most common beginner challenges is understanding how to subtly modify your playing technique to produce the lowest and highest flute notes and still maintain beautiful sound. In this short article I’ll explain the note range of the flute, how you can develop a flexible embouchure to leapfrog between high and low notes effortlessly, and I’ll share some tips to help you troubleshoot problems. Flute range The range of notes playable on the flute span three octaves from
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Flute Vibrato: Breath Life into your Flute Playing

Do you feel like your flute playing lacks that ‘something extra’? That it’s sounding flat and lifeless and no matter how technically well you play a piece, it’s just plain uninspiring? The breathing technique called ‘flute vibrato’ is one of the main ways in which a flute player can add tone colour, intensity, emotion and life to playing. Using the vibrato technique in the appropriate musical pieces at the appropriate times is a skill expected of players as they advance
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