It's NEVER TOO LATE to start learning and make beautiful music

If you've been looking for a way to begin learning to play flute, read and understand music and just un-wind by pursuing a new hobby, then this could be what you’ve been looking for!

As adult beginners, the competing demands of work, kids and just ‘life’ in general mean that you often find you have no time left to pursue your own passions or hobbies. Every last minute is squeezed out of every day! But I’ve found the easiest way that can allow you the time to begin learning to play flute like you’ve always wanted to.

Yep, that’s right – to suit your own unique schedule, on your own terms, no matter where you live. WHENEVER,WHEREVER.

Being 'too busy' is no longer an excuse...

Hi I’m Christie, founder of The Flute Coach, and as a parent of a little one, a part time PhD student and a flute player who always wants to learn more, I can absolutely relate to your struggles about finding the best way to balance learning flute with your life.

In my own life, despite the momentum in my private lessons and my enjoyment of playing, I found that when I first began University I could no longer spare the time to attend private lessons. When I undertook my further studies, I moved away from my home town, my flute teacher and had to financially support myself.

Unfortunately this meant that I took a break from flute playing as 'life took over'...

It was such a shame! All of those years of practising and performing, all put on hold. I’d excelled in my music examinations up to an advanced level and so I thought I could carry on ‘teaching myself’. But when I pulled out the flute I became frustrated as my technique and playing ability suffered from the lack of consistent practise and without the continued guidance of a teacher. After I had my first child I was even more limited with my free time. Being unable to just leave the house easily made flute lessons seem even more out of reach.

How could I continue to play (and not only that, improve!) when I just simply did not have the means to attend flute lessons?

With the rise and rise of the internet over the next 15 years, I found that traditional face-to-face lessons could be supplemented with new online learning platforms. So I did an internet search on 'flute playing' and found a lot of free videos on Youtube. Whilst most of the videos I found were helpful, the problem was that there was no structure to the videos I was finding. They were fragmented and random, without a logical progression to learning. I wasted so much time trying to find the first video of a series or more detailed videos on a specific concept!

That’s when I stumbled upon Udemy – an online learning hub that offers 1000’s of courses –including learning to play flute.

Finally, I had found the solution to the busy adult learner's problem...

These quality step-by-step lessons, were offered in a totally flexible and convenient format – all in the one online learning resource. This means…

  •  No more time-consuming googling for videos!
  •  No more traveling to and from lessons.
  •  No more embarrassment or shyness in your initial stages of learning

I knew that I was not the only person who could benefit from courses like this and so I had to share it with players like you.

The Music Professor's Online Flute Courses

There’s really no wonder that the MusicProfessor’s  “Learn to Play the Flute: Beginner Basics to Intermediate” Course is Udemy’s most popular and best-selling flute course. It’s filled with over 100 lesson videos with detailed demonstrations of relevant beginner flute concepts that lay the foundations for successful playing.

udemy beginner SS3

The concepts covered in this course include:

  • Breathing and flute positioning technique,
  • How to make a sound,
  • Learning notes,
  • Basic music theory
  • Scales and finally
  • Playing some simple melodies.

Learning from an old exercise book doesn’t always cut it, especially if you are a complete beginner to flute and reading music. If you’re serious about learning, you need a step-by-step resource that doesn’t just tell you the same old lessons everyone else has, but shows you exactly the technique you should be using. Hundreds of students from around the world agree that the MusicProfessor flute courses are ‘the real deal’ – comprehensive, easy to follow, well-supported and above all, enjoyable!

Real Students are achieving Real Results

With over 1,000 students enrolled in 50 different music courses spanning all ability levels, MusicProfessor is a trusted and much-loved provider of music tuition.

I’ve had my eye on this course for months now, and EVERY TIME I check back in, more students have enrolled. In fact, from October 2016 when I originally joined this course, enrolments have more than doubled!

Now that’s proof of a thriving learning community.

What's in it for me?

By joining the MusicProfessor course as part of The Flute Coach team, not only will it be packed with generous features such as hours of video and downloadable sheet music, you will also

  • Reap the scientifically proven physical and mental health benefits of learning a musical instrument. Improve coordination, reducing stress levels, building self-confidence, increase productivity and develop creativity.
  • Be empowered to sight read any piece of music you come across using flute-specific troubleshooting tips
  • Overcome the barrier of being ‘time poor’ by eliminating the need to travel to and from traditional lessons
  • Gain confidence in performing in front of audiences
  • Surprise and delight family and friends by playing new songs and melodies
  • Avoid forming bad playing habits by mastering correct techniques early
  • No longer be limited by your work situation or geographical location, lessons can be accessed FOR LIFE at any place at any time.

Private flute lessons typically cost at least $50 per hour. Factor into this the time and expense of travelling to and from your lessons, and it all really starts to add up… With six hours of video included in this course, you would likely be paying at least $300 to access the same material in private lessons – plus the value you put on your own time for travel.

That’s why I believe this course is such an incredible bargain.

For less than the cost of one hour of private tuition, you can access the entire coursework!

$49.99 is the one-time only investment you need to make. No tricky subscriptions to opt out of and no time limit on your access to the coursework.

The best part is you can try it absolutely risk-free. Udemy offers a sensational 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you feel that the course falls short and doesn’t deliver on the extensive list of features, you will receive your money back. It’s that simple. Not only that, but the entire course curriculum is listed up-front. That means you know exactly what you will be expecting to learn before you pay a cent.

Still need more information?

To reassure you even further, what if I told you that I’ve also personally paid to join this course (at the full price I might add!). Now I’m not a beginner flute player, but the reason I’ve done this is to comprehensively review it for members of my Flute Coach team. And this is my honest opinion on what I found…

Check out my full rapid review here…

So there you have it…and now the choice is yours. Be brave and begin pursuing your passion for playing flute.

Perhaps you’ve felt like there was never the opportunity given the constraints on your time… Well, your time is now – anytime and anywhere, in fact.

Perhaps the sheer expense of private flute lessons made them out of reach for you in the past... Udemy’s generous prices have got you covered.

You can start learning today

It will only take a few moments to click on this link and take the simple steps to begin. You have nothing to lose and the chance to gain the personal satisfaction and proud sense of achievement that comes with learning and playing the flute. Who knows… it could even become a legacy you pass onto children and grandchildren.

So let’s get started together, TODAY. Simply click on this link below to be taken directly to the MusicProfessor’s registration page. All you need to do is add this course to your shopping cart. It’s as easy as that!

All of this is available to you for an incredible price of $49.99 USD 

That's a saving of at least $245 in equivalent private tuition fees.


  • 6 hours of lesson videos
  • Access to Q&A forum for extra support
  • Printable workbook with all coursework and sheet music
  • Lifetime access to lessons
  • 30 day money back guarantee

I’m excited to introduce you to this resource and I’m looking forward to hearing from you as you progress along your flute playing journey. I’m confident you will gain incredible momentum in your playing.

To your playing success!


P.S. With the right type of training and consistent practise you can go far as an online-trained flutist. It can even go beyond just learning for yourself and open up a whole new social circle as you realise you are accomplished enough to play in groups or at special events. Imagine the look on the faces of your friends or family when you reveal you can play the flute.

So what are you waiting for?! Click to register your place now