These four beginner flute lessons will help you finally get consistently beautiful flute tone.

These bite-sized beginner flute lessons have helped hundreds of new (and new again) flute players to zero in on beautiful, consistent sound every time they play.

Amazing results!

What students are saying

It was so helpful!

OMG! I've just hit several high notes that I couldn't before. Thank you so much!

Hao Thien Kim - Student

This guide was miles more helpful than the others I've seen...

The tips for what NOT to do helped so much.  Thank you!

F. Pants - Student

Simple and proven tips to troubleshoot terrible tone.

Learn the tiny changes that lead to huge improvements in your flute tone in as little as a few minutes. These beginner flute lessons will have you go from frustrated to focused with your sound. 

Video 1 The 4 FATAL embouchure mistakes

Discover what the embouchure IS NOT! I give you 4 common embouchure mistakes that might be the reason why it's been so hard to get a great sound.

Video 2 INSTANTLY improve your Flute Tone

This video is all about the subtle embouchure and flute positioning changes that you can tweak to zero in on incredible sound quality

Video 3 Why all notes aren't played equally

Gain the knowledge you need to know about air speed and direction to play notes across the entire range of the flute perfectly - FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.

Video 4 The harmonics challenge

I test my embouchure flexibility with this simple exercise, and you can too! Are you making the embouchure changes necessary to leap frog between high and low notes with the least amount of effort?

Students who have struggled with sound are loving these beginner flute lessons...

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