Flute Etudes: The END of poor technique and the BEGINNING of masterful flute performances

Discover how Flute Etudes can unlock flawless technique and help you realise your dream of walking onto the stage

A question I regularly ask my Flute Coach team members is this...

“What are your flute playing goals? What are you aspiring to?”

The overwhelming answers I have genuinely received, are goals related to sharing your gift and expressing yourself musically with others through performance.

These are just some of your answers...

  • “I’d love to play in an ensemble or orchestra one day…”
  • “Have enough skill and confidence to perform live in small local venues…”
  • “I would like to eventually be able to jam with other musicians in a casual environment”
  • “I would love to be able to play with my daughter and son - we enjoy practicing together”
  • “My dream is to be able to play with the band in our church”

Are you aspiring to the same?

Performing, whether it be in a full orchestra, a small group or as a soloist, requires the player to first master many musical techniques individually and then bring them all together to produce a masterpiece that speaks to the listening audience.

So what are some of these potential technical stumbling blocks? They could be

  • Long phrases requiring breath control
  • Fast passages requiring finger dexterity
  • Double or triple tonguing
  • Increasingly complex articulation patterns 
  • Accidentals and difficult key signatures
  • Leaps between high and low notes requiring embouchure flexibility

And remember, you need to do them simultaneously too!

If you’re a player that’s longing to perform but want to overcome some of your technical weaknesses, then I’ve found exactly the resource you need.

Over the next few weeks you can prepare five melodic flute etudes that will polish your technique in readiness for performance. 

If you’re an intermediate level flute player that’s looking to advance to a new level of playing ability, then I know you’re itching to head onto the stage. Flute etudes (etudes being the French word for study) are the perfect preparation. They’re short, melodic pieces written to challenge and develop particular playing techniques that you can then carry through to future pieces and your performances.

If you’re dreaming of joining the worship team at your church, playing in a casual social group, at local live music gigs or working towards paid performances at weddings and corporate events, then this training can get you there. 

It's possible to become an accomplished online-taught flute player

My name’s Christie and welcome to The Flute Coach. As a returning adult flute player myself, my family and work commitments meant I could no longer easily attend traditional face to face lessons. Faced with the prospect of ‘missing out’ on the opportunity to play flute altogether, I realised that online learning was my solution. I could work at my own pace, at any time that suited me, and access high-quality instructors for a fraction of the cost of private lessons. So I established The Flute Coach in 2016 to bring together the best online learning resources for flute, as I knew there were others in the same situation who would benefit from what I’d found in my own search.

Over the last couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of introducing TheMusicProfessor series of online flute courses to students who may not otherwise be able to learn perhaps due to their remote location, work commitments, cost or lack of local teachers. 

Introducing, The MusicProfessor's 
“Advanced Flute Studies: Learn to Master the Flute”
online course

So many flute students are longing to perform but are feeling held back by elements of their playing and frustrated and lost as to how to systematically improve them. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to refine your technique and help you make it onto the stage. It’s the fourth step in my learning pipeline and part of the best-selling flute series delivered by online learning hub, Udemy. Included are almost 100 lesson videos with five hours of teaching, together with all the sheet music you need. 

As you study these five etudes, you'll develop new skills in 

  • Increasing finger speed and dexterity
  • Troubleshooting difficult fingering passages
  • Complex articulation by Increasing tonguing speed
  • Playing expressively with vibrato and dynamics
  • Vibrato enhancing exercises

And you’ll be able to perform each etude at increasingly faster tempi.

"Is this course right for my playing level?"

Don’t let the word ‘Advanced’ scare you off. If you’ve already completed the Intermediate course by The MusicProfessor or if you’re a former advanced player returning after a break, this course is the next step for you to challenge your playing ability, apply what you’ve learned so far or refresh your muscle memory.

As a guide, if you’re able to play at an AMEB Grade 5 level, Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8, ABRSM Grade 5-6 or Trinity College Grade 6, this course would be well-suited for you!

What do The MusicProfessor students say? 

Thousands of students all across the world have already enrolled in The MusicProfessor’s online flute courses. See for yourself - students agree that they are well-executed, clear, contain high-quality recordings and have engaging, knowledgeable instructors.

"Very thorough and well organised" Don Briskin (MusicProfessor student)

"First off, this course is VERY professionally put together, not just some amateur teacher. Great teacher and the pieces you learn are nicely broken down into sections." Tony Witty (MusicProfessor student)

"This is a well planned out course that teaches you more than just a few simple tunes - there's music theory, scales and terminology which gives you a more solid understanding of music." James Choi (MusicProfessor student)

Online learning means now everyone can access affordable flute lessons

It’s no secret... private flute lessons are EXPENSIVE.. You can easily pay $50 per hour, PLUS the cost and time associated with travel to and from lessons. So, to cover the same amount of material provided in this course with a private teacher you could be paying $250 or more.

To access the five hours of lessons included in this course you pay only $49.99USD. I’ve looked into lots of other online flute courses. Many have auto-renewing subscriptions you need to commit to and normally, that means you’re paying for lessons you never use OR you feel pressured to finish a course quickly before your subscription expires.

 With Udemy’s lifetime access to coursework, you can take control of the pace of your learning.

To enrol or learn more, click here to be taken directly to the MusicProfessor’s registration page.

As promised, you’ll find EXACTLY what’s included in this great resource – as well as any current discounts that Udemy is offering. Simply add this course to your shopping cart and pay securely with your credit card or PayPal. It’s fast and easy, and delivered to you instantly! You can begin today.

Don't worry - you have a Learning Guarantee!

Another ‘people-first’ Udemy feature is their generous 30-day money back guarantee. If you feel that the course wasn’t quite what you were expecting, you can easily receive your money back. It’s that simple. PLUS to help connect you with the course that matches your playing abilities, the entire course curriculum with preview videos is provided upfront.

But I’m going one step further for you….

To help you decide whether the course is right for you, I’ve personally recorded this exclusive behind the scenes walk-through to set your mind at ease and introduce you to how the course looks and feels! Click to watch it below

The methods learned in this course will last a lifetime of playing.

You’ll soon gain fresh confidence with playing any new piece of music. As you pull apart these etudes and systematically learn to piece them together again you’ll be able to apply the skills learnt to interpreting, practicing and performing any piece of music. 

So as a final reminder you'll receive

  • Five hours of lesson videos
  • Access to a Q&A forum for extra support if needed
  • Printable companion music book with all sheet music
  • Unlimited access to coursework
  • 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee

All for $49.99USD. A saving at least $200 in equivalent private lesson fees.

You can actually begin this course today

I’m thrilled to now offer my Flute Coach team members this next important step in your learning journey, and help you along the way to your flute performance goals.

Christie, Your Flute Coach

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