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Updated for 2020: Why You Should Convert to Digital Flute Sheet Music

Why You Should Convert to Digital Flute Sheet MusicAs flute players seeking to be challenged and inspired in our playing, what is our number one need?Sheet music of course! And lots of it!Today I reveal printed music is on the out, and why making the switch to digital sheet music is the all-in-one solution to buy, organise, preserve, customise, streamline and quickly access your entire library.Plus I show you my exclusive research comparing four of the top online sheet music
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How to Play Lush Low Notes and Heavenly High Notes Effortlessly

These are some of the questions I get asked the most..."How do I play high notes easily?""Why aren't my low notes sounding properly?""Why do my notes keep cracking between octaves?"If you're struggling with any one of these playing challenges, this article explains the common solution - developing a flexible embouchure.Here's what we're covering today...Learn the note range of the fluteBreak down each registerLearn the unique approach to playing each register beautifullyExercises to build embouchure flexibilityHow to quickly trouble shoot tone
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Are These Flute Embouchure Mistakes Sabotaging Your Sound?

Today, we talk flute embouchure.Whether you're a beginner player whose picking up the shiny tube for the very first time OR an experienced player, the flute embouchure (pronounced om-boo-shore) is a playing concept that's like oxygen. You can't do without it. Go to any flute forum, Quora or Facebook group, and you'll see its one of the most talked about topics.Take a look.Why?Well,  mastering control of the embouchure is critical for beautiful rich toneeffortless leaping between high and low notes control over dynamics
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