Learn how to play the flute, online. 

Need a more flexible way to learn the flute? Our online workshops, on-demand courses and private lessons make learning flute possible, anywhere. We bring the learning to you. 

Struggling to make progress learning flute on your own?

Already started with a few music books and YouTube tutorials? Great. But are you finding it's difficult to stay motivated, progress is frustratingly slow, you're not sure if you're picking up poor playing habits and you have NO idea what (or how) to practice? 

You can learn how to play the flute from anywhere.

Our online lessons will give you a clear plan to gain new skill and confidence as you learn to play flute. 

Hi, I'm Christie. 

Like many adult flute players, Christie juggled a family, working part time and studying. This meant needing more flexibility and convenience when it came to learning. 

She knew there were other learners like her, on the verge of giving up the flute because their remote location, complicated work schedule, family commitments or a lack of local teachers meant lessons were 'just too hard'....

The Flute Coach was established in 2016, and has since mentored dozens of players to their flute dream scene - whether that's playing their favourite songs for enjoyment at home, joining a community ensemble or playing for their church.

Hear from our students who are learning how to play the flute with us. 

My daughter who is 9 years old has been learning flute from Ms. Monique for the last 7 months now, she has been wonderful teacher keeping the class lively and encouraging as online classes can be challenging given that my daughter has never played flute before . My daughter always looks forward to her classes and would not miss it for anything. Glad to have found Ms. Monique.



As an adult beginner with no prior experience in any musical instrument, I had many queries in mind when I started off. But Christie’s suggestions and tips were very intuitive and I had no doubt where to look for continued training. My tutor Monique Mathews has been a great source of inspiration and has helped me tackle the many challenges I faced so far, including troubleshooting my earlier flute just by listening. I am greatly obliged to her for helping me express myself musically. The lessons and course material are designed for easy grasping. If you are thinking of learning to play this beautiful instrument, look no further.



I highly recommend Monique. I'm an older flute player returning after a very long break and Monique helped encourage and challenge me to bring my paying back to a respectable level, much further that I though possible.

The lessons are relaxed, but nicely focused on what I need to develop. It's amazing how she can pick up on little things even though it's over a video call. Monique is also a funny and lovely person. Every lesson was great fun and worth every penny.



There's 3 ways to start learning flute with us

live group workshops

Highly productive, friendly and interactive, these short group workshops are an ideal way for us to help players overcome common playing issues, step-by-step.  Attend live and receive instant feedback on your playing from our resident flute teacher Monique, or watch a replay at your convenience.  

self-paced online courses

Step-by step lessons for beginners to intermediate players to form firm playing foundations. Expert guidance in the most flexible learning format.

try online flute lessons
online flute lessons with Monique
private online flute lessons

Join our resident flute teacher Monique, for a friendly one on one lesson. Get a personalized lesson plan, practice notes and a clear plan for your own playing aspirations. Immersive guidance with maximum flexibility. Your first lesson is just $10. 

At The Flute Coach we know you want to enjoy playing the music you love and even take that next step to play in a community group or at church. 

In order to do that you know you want to increase your self-confidence and skill.

The problem is, learning on your own often means you don't have a clear plan to improve which makes you feel unsure if you're developing poor playing habits or even if you're progressing at all!

We believe that learning flute at home, shouldn't mean you're learning alone and that expert guidance should be more accessible. 

Life is busy which is why we bring the most convenient learning solutions to you online.

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