How to Play Flute in One Hour

(even if you've never played a note in your life...)

If you want to learn how to play flute and you're a TOTAL beginner, chances are you're experiencing at least one of these FIVE Frustrations right now...

  • Unsure about flute assembly

  • Uncomfortable when holding the flute

  • Confused about the technique to make sound

  • Impatient to learn your first notes 

  • Concerned your flute is requiring excessive, costly maintenance

If you've answered "Yes, Help!" to any one of these areas, then don't waste another day struggling to learn flute alone. I'm here to reassure you that learning flute online is easier and quicker than you might think (with just a little help from me!).

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Video #2

How to Hold Your Flute


Video #3

Form Your Embouchure


Video #4

Learn Your First 3 Notes


Video #5

Clean and Care

​A life-long love of playing flute starts with this series...

As adult learners have you found that with all of the competing demands on your time, you just can't get to traditional flute lessons? So to overcome this, perhaps you've decided to learn how to play flute on YouTube. The problem is - as a total beginner striking out on your own - you don't know what you don't know! What should I be learning first? What's the next step? (And where can I find it!)... Progress can be frustratingly slow.

This step-wise lesson series addresses the most common frustrations of beginner players, and takes you through an entire sequence of how to play flute - from picking up your flute for the first time, to making sound and notes, and putting it safely back in its case again.

Once you finish, you'll be ready to take your next steps to achieving your flute playing goals.  

What You'll Discover in this 5-Part "How to Play Flute" Series:

How to Assemble Your Flute

Assembling your flute takes only a few seconds but it's when accidental damage can occur. 

How to Hold Your Flute

How to balance the flute effortlessly, and which fingers go where.

Your First 3 Notes

Learn the finger placements for three notes - B, A and G. The perfect starting point for beginners.

How to Clean and Care for your Flute

Learn how your flute can stand the test of time with only 2 minutes of care after each practice session.

How to Form your Embouchure

Correct mouth shape (embouchure) is absolutely key to beautiful sound production. My tips to finding your own unique embouchure.

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