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Top Tips for Buying your First Student Flute

Buying your very first student flute is an exciting but rather daunting experience! For beginners (or their parents), the list of brands, features and online reviews can get you completely confused. Where do you begin and what should you be looking for in a quality student flute? I’ll explain the anatomy of the flute, the features you’ll need as a beginner and the characteristics a good student flute should possess. Come shopping time, you’ll feel confident in asking questions, understanding
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7 Simple Steps to Ensure Playing The Flute is Right for You

The benefits of playing a musical instrument are well documented for both young and old. At the Flute Coach, I want to help you discover a passion for playing! If you’re considering playing the flute, but still have some hesitations, here are 7 practical ways to help you make your decision. They’ll help to keep you playing for the long term, avoid the frustration and cost of switching to another instrument later on or prevent dropping out of music altogether.
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8 Reasons Why Students Choose Musical Instruments

The process of choosing musical instruments can be challenging for parents, teachers and adult players alike. So much so, that its been the subject of a whole body of research in recent decades. Studies have shown that the factors behind choosing musical instruments have a direct impact on the success of playing. Pairing the wrong instrument to a person, often results in them losing interest and dropping out. For parents who have invested time and money into their young person’s
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