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Breath Support: The Why, What and How…

When it comes to playing a wind instrument such as the flute, the way we breathe and blow is really the cornerstone of our performance. We’re all told to use this concept of ‘breath support’ when playing. Despite being a critical playing concept, the actual muscle mechanics of breathing and breath support during playing is poorly understood by both players and teachers alike. Because of this we all have a different definition of what breath support means. And that’s lead
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Should We Bother Setting Goals??

For me, I’ve always liked setting goals in all areas of my life – be it finance, hobbies, career etc. Particularly around the start of a new year, I feel a sense of excited anticipation and hopefulness about what lies ahead. But most of us (myself included) despite our very best intentions, fail to meet our often noble resolutions or goals of doing more exercise, losing weight, quitting smoking or learning a new skill like an instrument or language… Why are we
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