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13 Flute Practice Mistakes you Might be Making….

As flute players that are learning online at home, it can be easy to slip into some bad habits that ultimately make flute playing more difficult for you. I’ve had a brainstorm, canvassed the crowd and collated some of the most common practise mistakes that beginners (and certainly even long-time players) make. Only a few are made out of deliberate laziness (and I’m calling you out of them folks!). But many of them you may not even realise you’re doing,
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Why You Should Convert to Digital Flute Sheet Music

Why You Should Convert to Digital Flute Sheet MusicAs flute players seeking to be challenged and becoming the best players we can be, what is our number one need?  Flute sheet music of course! And lots of it!So much has changed in the music world. Even in the 20 years between when I began playing and now, there’s been the advent of the internet (questions answered by experts within seconds), online shopping (browse and compare a dizzying range of flute
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